DMX Protocol

DMX is de facto standard for communication between lighting equipment and lighting controllers. Find out more about DMX network topology, standard etc.

DMX Chain

DMX Protocol Basics

DMX 512 is the most widely used communication standard for controlling stage lighting. It is digital, unidirectional, serial protocol that is based on RS485 specifications.

DMX Cable

All about DMX Cables and DMX Cable standard. Differences between microphone and DMX Cables 3pin and 5pin XLRs...

DMX 512 Cable

There are many variants of DMX 512 cables and connectors. Some people use 3pin XLR, some use 5pin, some even use RJ-45 connectors. DMX cables usually come in two variants “so called DMX Cable” and Microphone Cable. However, you can even run your DMX network over standard computer LAN (cat 5) cable.